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I Don’t Think LaQuisha is with AT&T and Longer…

Maybe 10 – 12 years ago I was installing a new ceiling in my family room one morning.  I had decided to use barn siding; tongue-and-groove pine boards.  I was making good progress and enjoying a beer or two, or … Continue reading

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One Rod, or Two?

And so I decided I would buy the boys, Noah (6) and Evan (4) each a cane fishing pole, and teach hem how to fish. There’s a great little fishing tackle store in Maumee, OH about 8-10 miles from me. … Continue reading

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“Heavenly Lots” for Sale

When Mom passed I inherited 6 cemetery lots in the Whitehouse Cemetery.  My grandfather originally bought them in the mid ’50s.  I really have no need for them so I decided to sell them. For years I have had them … Continue reading

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A Note From My Mom

I woke up a bit congested this morning, so I took a “fed” of some kind – a sudafed, actifed, whatever.  Seems to have worked.  The “feds” usually do work well with me, if I catch the cold early enough… … Continue reading

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Say Davy…

Overheard from Col. William B. Travis to Davy Crockett, as they stood looking out over the wall of the Alamo just before dawn,   “Say Davy, did somebody order up some concrete work I don’t know anything about?”

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Randy 10 Lead Is ‘Bingo’

In flying, ‘Bingo’ is the term we use that means we have just enough fuel remaining to return to the base, land and have our ‘minimum fuel’ by regulation.  More often than not, in T-38 flying, that value is 600 … Continue reading

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Gas Training

When I was in Aerospace Munitions School in the Fall of 1968 we had to go through ‘tear gas training.’  This is where they put us in a room then tossed in canisters of tear gas.  Not the ‘mild’ stuff, … Continue reading

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One of My Favorites…

On a rainy day, an little Indian boy from the tribe goes to his chief and asks, “Chief, how do you name all the people of our tribe?” The Chief replies,”Oh, it quite easy.  When baby born, I look first … Continue reading

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The Orange Scratchy Veggie Glove

I stopped in a local “kitchen shop” a couple years ago, just to look around.  While I was there I came across this glove: It’s a ‘scratchy’ glove, used to clean veggies. While I was looking at it a this … Continue reading

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One Pilot’s Story…

One Pilot’s Story… The Pilot left home about 8:30 a.m. to do some work in his hanger at the airport with his friends.  On the way out the door he answered his wife’s “What time will you be home?” question with, “Probably … Continue reading

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